I'm Kate Ahern, J.D., LL.M.

I help women lawyers 
and other smart women

get clear on your priorities,
​and take back control of your time, 
so you can build the life you want 
​​(without burnout or guilt).

How I Help:
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Unfrazzled University
  • Get clear on what's most important to you
  • Take back control of your time and align it with your prioirites
  • Get ongoing monthly support and accountabilty to keep your progress going
  • So you can feel accomplished every day, without burning out.
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  • Time and priority management training to support attorney effectiveness and well-being
  • Feedback management training for associates
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Hey there, I'm Kate - Unfrazzled strategist, lawyer, law professor, former big law firm attorney, mother, and entrepre-nerd.

I'm on a mission to advance women by helping you take back control of your time, align your time with your priorities, and navigate the obstacles that make it so freaking hard to do that (from gender bias and our burnout-inducing culture to perfectionism, procrastination, difficulty saying "no," and many other Frazzle FactorsTM ).

Friend, I know you worked SO hard to get your degree and build an amazing life, and it shouldn’t feel like it’s costing you your life to keep up with it all!

Ultimately, I’m trying to change this frazzling culture for women, so someday you’ll have a system that supports you living an UnfrazzledTM life. But until I tackle that little problem, I’m giving you lots of support in taking back control of your time AND a regular, consistent escape from that culture that makes you feel weird, selfish, guilty, or like an outsider for wanting to live the Unfrazzled life you deserve.

Because you need a place to hang out where living an Unfrazzled life feels normal, expected, respected, and where people cheer you on for going after it! This is that place!

More About Me:

  • 10+ years guiding women on time management, productivity, well-being, and gender bias
  • Big law firm survivor
  • Transactional Lawyer
  • Law professor
  • National gender equity advocate
  • State women's bar association past President and National Conference of Women's Bar Association past board member
  • State women's bar award recipient for the promotion and enhancement of the status of women
  • Founder of the former Women Lawyers News online publication and community
  • Author/speaker of many articles, resources, toolkits, presentations, and programs around the internet and the continent to support and advance highly educated women, including time management, avoiding burnout, and tackling gender bias